Ranged Critical T-Shirt
Ranged Critical T-Shirt

Ranged Critical T-Shirt

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Fantasy roleplaying inspired design.

Choose your shirt type, pick your size, and look forward to your new favorite tee!

Ultrasoft cotton fits like a standard t-shirt, Premium heavyweight cotton is more structured and slightly oversized. 

Vibrant & durable prints, 100% cotton.

Object of Power - Dope Designs For Freaks & Geeks

  • Ultrasoft T-Shirt
  • Fashion fit (not too baggy or too tight)
  • Order 1 size up for loose fit
XS 27 31 - 34
S 28 34 - 37
M 29 38 - 41
L 30 42 - 45
XL 31 46 - 49
2XL 32 50 - 53
3XL 33 54 - 57
4XL 34 58 - 61
5XL 35 62 - 65
  • Premium Heavyweight T-Shirt
  • Structured fit
  • Slightly oversize fit
S 29 ½ 38 - 41
M 30 ½ 42 - 45
L 31 ½ 46 - 49
XL 32 ½ 50 - 53
2XL 33 ½ 54 - 57
3XL 34 ½ 58 - 61
4XL 35 ½ 62 - 65

Expect delivery within 4 to 10 business days. Shipping cost calculated at checkout

No returns or refunds expect in the case of product defects.

Email innercircle@objectofpower.com to open a support ticket in the case of product defects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rae C.
Give it a chance!

I would say to anyone who is interested, "Go for it!!" These shorts are so worth it and they are really good quality! I got an XL when I normally wear 2xl being a bigger woman, but this fit my curves so well and looks flattering! I love it!!

You roll a 20!

I was equal parts intrigued, and skeptical when I first followed a targeted ad, and ordered this shirt. However, upon arrival, any concerns I had, were smote down in fire the moment I received this glorious tee. Yes, smote. I tried this beauty on to confirm size, and the fit was great. Thusly, I proceeded to wash and dry said shirt so I could begin showing it off post haste. To my surprise, when the dryer completed its cycle, the shirt burst forth in a blaze of light, and fitted itself upon me! I’m certain I was already clothed, but this didnt matter. I was instantly empowered and ready to take on any challenge! My phone suddenly rang, and it was a long lost love! The mail arrived, and declared me a sweepstakes winner! My truck was suddenly a V16 that no longer needed fuel!! I wore this shirt until it was time to slumber, at which time I was laid to rest with a smile on my face, knowing my life was now complete.

Or.....yeah, you could probably just get this shirt because its baddass and waaay comfortable.

Jim Ashman
Awesome shirt!

This shirt is awesome - got a few compliments (over video calls...) about the design, and the shirt is really comfortable too. I got this in 3x and prepared for it to be a little on the smaller side for 3x...but nope - just the right amount of space. Not to baggy, not too tight - just right.

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