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Freaks & Geeks
Get 10% off your 1st order with code ARTIFACT
Dope Designs For
Freaks & Geeks
Get 10% off your 1st order with code ARTIFACT
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Why Buy From Us?

You're Gonna Look So God Damn Good In These Threads

No fluff, it's simple. This gear will buff your social stats.

Slip into one a' these bad boys and you're gonna look f****** siiiiiiiick.

We guarantee it.

Made By Fellow Weirdos

Let's be honest, yeah? If you're reading this you're a probably little strange.

And that's Ok! So are we.

We get you baby.

Now get in to one of these legendary garments, K?

God Tier Care

We're not some giant corporation.

We can't promise you the world, but we can promise you we care.

We pulled this thing out of our brains and into the world, it's our baby.

If an-y-thing comes up, we've got your back.

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What The Fandom Is Saying



Quality +100
Durability +100
Charisma +9001

Bonus: wearing this shirt literally makes you the best looking in your group and has the ability to make your friends jealous.

- Josh on May 26, 2021

Absolutely great


This shirt is awesome! I also want to mention that Geraud (owner/operator) is very helpful and open to questions and problems.

- Rob Breininger on May 04, 2021

Watch Me While I Sleep


I'm convinced someone snuck into my bedroom while I was asleep, took my measurements then made this shirt and shipped it to me. Fits perfectly and is super comfy. Plus I feel like I'm ready to enter battle with this design and the sleeves rolled up just a little.

- Karim E on Feb 04, 2021

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- Dope Designs

- Quality Threads

- Durable, Vibrant Prints

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In The Press

"From the moment I laid eyes on those dope a** threads from Object of Power, I knew I just had to have them.

Honestly I was just out here straight gobbling it up, but instead of nutz it was deez teez.

10 out of 10, would buy again, no regerts."

- You in like 10 minutes

Get 10% Off With Code ARTIFACT

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