Melee Critical T-Shirt
Melee Critical T-Shirt

Melee Critical T-Shirt

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Fantasy roleplaying inspired design.

Choose your shirt type, pick your size, and look forward to your new favorite tee!

Ultrasoft cotton fits like a standard t-shirt, Premium heavyweight cotton is more structured and slightly oversized. 

Vibrant & durable prints, 100% cotton.

Object of Power - Dope Designs For Freaks & Geeks

  • Ultrasoft T-Shirt
  • Fashion fit (not too baggy or too tight)
  • Order 1 size up for loose fit
XS 27 31 - 34
S 28 34 - 37
M 29 38 - 41
L 30 42 - 45
XL 31 46 - 49
2XL 32 50 - 53
3XL 33 54 - 57
4XL 34 58 - 61
5XL 35 62 - 65
  • Premium Heavyweight T-Shirt
  • Structured fit
  • Slightly oversize fit
S 29 ½ 38 - 41
M 30 ½ 42 - 45
L 31 ½ 46 - 49
XL 32 ½ 50 - 53
2XL 33 ½ 54 - 57
3XL 34 ½ 58 - 61
4XL 35 ½ 62 - 65

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Customer Reviews

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This shirt rips

This is probably the coolest shirt I own now. The print scaled up with the size to 3XL, which is important to me. I can't wait to wear it out (to work and back but still).

Geraud's Vestment of Critical Striking

Armor (cloth), legendary

This textile is the finest and softest in the realm, hand woven by angels from the (ethically sourced) manes of winged celestial lions.

Imbued with the divine power of the heavens, this garment offers the wearer protection against evil, +5 to Charisma checks and saving throws, and any successful melee attacks against vampires and undead become critical hits.

The wearer is also subject to a -5 penalty to stealth checks as passerby will be naturally drawn to the garment and have an increased likelihood of asking the wearer where they purchased it.

(really though, it’s a nice shirt)

Rae C
Worth it!

I definitely recommend these shirts to anyone who is iffy. The quality is good and they're actually quite soft shirts!!

Karim E
Watch me while I sleep

I'm convinced someone snuck into my bedroom while I was asleep, took my measurements then made this shirt and shipped it to me. Fits perfectly and is super comfy. Plus I feel like I'm ready to enter battle with this design and the sleeves rolled up just a little.


This tee is dope as hell. Love it.

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