How To Write An RPG Character Backstory In 60 Seconds Or Less

Creating interesting characters is essential to playing tabletop RPGs. But that doesn't mean it's easy! Writing an interesting character can be tough sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be.

Storytelling is an art as old as time, and that means there’s plenty of cheats - I mean narrative techniques out there to help you out. 

Below you’ll find a basic narrative character creation format we use to make characters on the quick in our games. This format is system-agnostic, so you can use this for any tabletop RPG system you play. Just fill in the blanks here and you’ll have something solid in no time flat.

Ye Olde Reliable RPG Character Formula

In the past, I was a (one sentence past description).

But then (life-changing event).

Since then (one-sentence description of how I was changed).

Now I seek to (driving goal in life).

My name is (character name), I’m (a one to three-word phrase that your character would use to describe themselves).

They call me (a phrase that the world at large would commonly use to describe them).

Here’s An Example

In the past, I was an innocent child from a rich and powerful family.

But then my parents were senselessly murdered before my very eyes.

Since then I’ve trained in every martial art and field of science known to man.

Now I seek to bring justice to my city by my own hands.

My name is Bruce Wayne, I’m a crime fighter.

They call me The Batman.

Your Turn

We made a fillable pdf version of this that you can use to write your own RPG character backstories.

Just hit the button below to download it from our Google Drive


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